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In Switzerland, near you. Did you know that almost the entire Swiss territory is less than 3 hours by train from your home? When you know that a 3-hour round trip flight is equivalent to 2 tons of CO2 emissions per person, while the same travel time by train is equivalent to 2 kg, the choice is quickly made, Outopia chose Switzerland to travel less far, more often.‍ With a certified local guide. All our outings are prepared and supervised by local professionals who will help you to discover and progress in your practice as well as to better know and understand the nature so that everyone can benefit from it durably. For a few days. We encourage experiences over several days to maximize your immersion in nature and disconnect from everyday life. In small groups. With people who, like you, like to meet new people and want to share a unique and memorable experience in a small group or with your friends, colleagues, or family in a private outing.

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The Outopia vision

With the Swiss platform Outopia, its founder Felix Vericel wishes to support the development of an outdoor tourism respectful of the environment in which local professionals would be the leaders. The aim is to simplify access to these nature professionals and to encourage everyone to experience adventure in the best conditions. For Felix it is very clear : “No need to go to the other side of the world to live an extraordinary experience. For this, our partner guides select for all outdoor enthusiasts wild places to build unique and memorable experiences they can live close to home. They are the transmitters of the values of their universe to those who aspire to discover it in the long term.” In full accordance with this vision, the activities available on the platform are proposed directly by the professionals who remain independent, the Outopia team then manages all the organization, reservations and payments and takes care of the coordination between the guides and the participants until the day of departure.